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Three Minds, Three Talents, Three Networks

NOW Integrated Marketing and Communications combines the resources of THREE successful marketing and communications strategists, THREE companies and THREE networks.

Who Is NOW?

Stayci Keetch, Kimothy Walker, Andrée Paige

Stayci Keetch

Founder, Owner and Creative Director of Eyes On Ottawa and On Brand by Stayci Keetch—specializing in “branding for a video world” by integrating digital marketing strategies, video marketing, video production, and the development of targeted video sales tools to connect businesses to more customers and drive better sales

Kimothy Walker

Founder and Managing Partner of Tiger Lily Marketing—specializing in public relations, communications, marketing and branding strategies, media and public speaking training, media relations, social media outreaches and social networking to launch and grow professional reputations and company brands

Andrée Paige

Founder, Owner and President of The Write Paige Inc.—specializing in research and analysis, communications and media, digital marketing and content strategies, advertising and website solutions, and the development of compelling written and visual content to explain, promote or advance business decisions and opportunities

Why NOW?

More and more of our clients want to work with all three of us—so we developed a single, seamless service experience that channels triple the talent.

The three of us offer our clients a full spectrum of personalized support, decades of C-level business experience, creative and strategic insights, and triple the networking power. Although we have listed skills that we thrive at, all three of our companies offer some of the same services—the very reason we collaborate so well at designing and delivering marketing and communications strategies.

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Our NOW clients get the best of what they need and none of what they don’t.

Three Month Strategies

Where do you see your business three months from NOW?

If you’re ready to take your professional brand or business to the next level, why go to a single marketing and communications agency when you can get a three-in-one powerhouse of strategic partners to come to you?

Together, we develop three-month strategies designed to launch, grow or repair client brands. If you need us to implement these strategies with momentum-building results, we can do that too.

Why We Do It

We hear all the time that businesses—large and small, established or launching—face challenges finding integrated solutions for their marketing and communications needs. We know what it takes to overcome these challenges:

1. We make it easy.

Management teams usually understand the value of marketing and communications. They may even have some in-house capabilities or outsourced contacts, but finding an all-in-one solution for advertising, videos, a website, social media, visual and written content, graphic design and other specialized skills can be challenging. Not for us.

2. We make it affordable.

We encourage clients to enter our strategic process in a small way, if need be, and we will help you grow at a pace that’s right for you. Working within your budget, we’ll find resourceful ways to help you reach achievable goals and can expand our services when and as needed.

3. We make connections.

We’re interested in fostering long-term relationships—a major reason why we have each grown three successful businesses and networks. As we earn your trust with marketing and communications strategies that deliver results, we’re only an email, text or call away whenever you need us.

NOW Capabilities


Strategies to brand or rebrand business professionals and companies

Content development

Professionally crafted messages and content for compelling reading and listening experiences—we’re experienced at writing for business leaders who want to truly connect with their audiences

Visual content

Photography, graphic design, formatting

Video production

Video shoots, video scripts, voice tracks, sound/music, editing, close captioning, video uploading

Media relations

Media advisories, media releases, media pitches/outreaches to tailored lists

Media training

Personalized training from a multiple award-winning journalist and public speaker

Social media account management

Twitter (tweets, photos), LinkedIn (profile updates, articles, updates, videos, photos), Facebook (posts, videos, graphics/photos), Instagram (posts, photos)


Digital and print strategies, liaison with sales reps, graphic design

Event management

Media or public events, video presentations, speaking notes, public speaking training

Crisis communications

Reputation management for clients who want to be off the front page and strategies to respond swiftly to unexpected or sensitive incidents

What NOW?

First, the NOW Hello

Contact us for a no-charge, no-obligation initial consultation (one hour)

Second, the NOW Proposal

If we both agree we might be a good fit, we’ll prepare and submit a proposal for our services

Third, the NOW Strategy

Our three-month NOW marketing and communication strategy includes an initial needs assessment followed by a go-forward plan and a checklist of recommended deliverables

Contact us NOW…

We look forward to connecting!

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